In Need of Some Design Inspiration?

Here are a few basic steps to help you create the perfect aesthetic for your event

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Creating an elevated aesthetic begins with the details.

What is the best way to keep the guest at your social event from wishing they were home on their sofa? Give them a sofa or at least a soft surface to sit on.

Rather it's creating breakout lounge spaces like the ones pictured here or adding cushions to the dining chairs, your guest will certainly notice! And when looking at photos or videos reflecting on the experience you too will appreciate those simple touches.


Let your personality shine through with layers, depth and texture.

If you're planning to have a formal, seated dinner or if you're thinking less formal with bites and hors d'oeuvres passed through the gathering we certainly do not want the server's platter or the table butter to be the focal point.

Coordinating cocktail napkins, table linens, glassware, cutlery, plates, chargers even the vessel or vase if your will, for the floral arrangements are all opportunities to let your brand or personality shine through.


Avoid empty space. Design your space from top to bottom.

We all want the look of grand spaces, vaulted and or cathedral ceilings, what we do not want is empty or dead spaces in between.  

For this, you'll want to consider equally dramatic design statements such as exaggerated floral vessels or even suspended design elements to ensure that your eye is engaged at every angle. 


Never underestimate or worst, overlook the impact of strategic, ambient lighting.

It is always important to consider how the space will transition throughout the evening. From outdoor spaces transitioning from daylight to the night's glow or the moment the house lights come down and it's time to dance you want to consider the feeling or the mood, you want to set.

When you put so much thought into conceptualizing details like your table decor, dance floor, or the ever-important live band, lighting is critical to ensure that none of these elements go unnoticed or disappear at any point. 

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